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SDG USA Complete Seat
Complete Seat
You save $20.00 (15%)
  • Black
SDG USA Complete Seat Replace OEM seats at a fraction of the cost Water-resistant, closed cell foam to reduce foam breakdown Seat base is composed of nylon, making it lighter and stronger than t...

Latest Reviews

Andrew (Irvine )


Great product, doesn't fit well at first

The product itself is amazing. Now that it's installed, I can't imagine riding the DRZ without it. It makes the tiny bike fit us big guys properly. Installation? That was rough... the holes are maybe 1/2" off and you have to use force and it took 3 of us to get it into place. Just keep trying... it'll eventually fit. We left the bike and seat in the sun for a little bit and had to jam it into place, but it eventually worked. Overall, the seat is totally worth it, assuming your not a 150lb asian male, because that's all the stock bike is good for!! If your a corn fed american, get this seat, get it to fit, and go ride the piss out of the bike and enjoy :)