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EK 520MVXZ Chain
520MVXZ Chain
$134.10 - $152.95
You save up to $15.79 (10%)
EK 520MVXZ Chain EK's MVXZ Quadra-X Ring chain is the ideal O.E. replacement chain for any 600 to 1000cc street bike Features like lightening holes in the sideplates, large diameter pins, and...

Latest Reviews

Silver (Anthem )


Better than rivet

I admit I was nervous at first I'd ride slow and increment speed every day and check visually to make sure it was still in place without changes. It works exactly like advertised, I've ridden about 6000 miles worth matching EK chain and I seem to go up to 2000 miles between stretches, mostly commuting no racing or track but I ran as fast as 150 mpg in freeway where traffic and cops are absent. Great buy, so much easier to install and precise than using difficult tools to rivet. I will stick to this rivet and EK chains going forward. 84,000 in bike ride daily and have had several brands including RK, this is best since OEM Infiniti chain which lasted me 30,000 miles

Jay (Pine Hill )

Cost Benefit


I only gave this product a 3 for fit because I couldn't find the shorter chain. I have 116 links this was 120. No big deal. Other than that I love it.