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Torco T4SR MPZ Synthetic Engine Oil
T4SR MPZ Synthetic Engine Oil
You save $5.96 (28%)
Torco T4SR MPZ Synthetic Engine Oil T-4SR is a 100% synthetic oil designed for highly stressed 4-stroke racing engines. T-4SR is an MPZ® formula that offers the ultimate in viscosity cont...
Torco TR-1 MPZ Motorcycle Engine Oil
TR-1 MPZ Motorcycle Engine Oil
You save $1.96 (14%)
Torco TR-1 MPZ Motorcycle Engine Oil The ultimate petroleum base high performance oil designed for motorcycles Formulated with Torco’s exclusive synthetic viscosity improver and rac...

Latest Reviews

John Sage (Paso Robles )

Cost Benefit

Worth every penny

Quite simply, the best oil on the market for motorcycles. A lot of people swear by Motul, and it is a fine oil, but not in the same class as T4SR. This oil from Torco will make your engine perform better, period. The first time I used this, I was given 4 qts by a sales rep to try it out. Was running Motul in my ZX-10R ('05) at the time. Since I used it the first time, I have only used this oil when I could find it. Availability can be tough sometimes, and now that I live in a rural area, I just order it online. Yes it is pricey, but I have never had or used an oil before or since that makes a NOTICABLE difference in the performance on my bikes. I got onto an R1 in 2006, and have been running YZF-R1's ever since. The clutch engagement using Torco T4SR is smoother and the engine revs noticeably faster. Modern liter bikes rev fast anyway, but running T4SR it makes it feel like the flywheel has been cut by 50%. If you look at your bike as a long term investment, that you own and take care of, this oil makes perfect sense. If your bikes are thrashers that only last a few months, stick with a cheaper oil. I own my bikes and have three, my R1, a Super Tenere and an R1150GS. They all get the Torco treatment.

Daniel (San Jose )


Torco Oil - Old School Endorsement

I've used Torco oil exclusively in my 1975 860 Ducati from the time it was purchased new to today. It is still running strong four decades later. Around 42K I installed bigger bore higher compression pistons for a little more punch. I was delighted to see that the original pistons looked virtually brand new when removed! With well over 50K miles its still getting around with the original bearings and internals. A very satisfied user of Torco oils.