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Helmet Buyers Guide

The problem with having more helmets and features to choose from than ever before is that the choice is that much more complicated. With retail prices ranging from under $100 to over $800, there’s a quality helmet for just about any budget. This is our helmet buyers guide and it’s intended to help you make an educated decision on which helmet is right for you.
Helmet Buyers Guide

Shop All Street Helmets FEATURED Street Bike HELMETS

Bell Qualifier Helmet The Bell Qualifier raises the performance/value quotient to exceptional new levels. From the aggressive and aerodynamic shell to our exclusive ClickRelease™ shield system, the Qu...
Icon Alliance Dark Helmet All World Standard, meets or exceeds the following DOT DMVSS 218(US), ECE 22-05(Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia) & SG (Japan) safety and testing standards. Does not ship with...
RF-1200 Helmet
$485.99 - $498.99
$437.99 - $449.99
You save up to $49.00 (10%)
Shoei RF-1200 Helmet Light Weight Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell Construction Smaller, lighter yet stronger shell design; compact and aerodynamic, with attention paid towards wind noise reduction withou...
Bell RS-1 Liner Helmet The Bell RS-1 bridges the gap between the top-of-the-line Bell Star and the Vortex with an amazing blend of price and performance. Starting with a lightweight Kevlar/fiberglass ...
Closeout up to 10% off
IS-MAX Bluetooth Modular Helmet
$199.99 - $214.99
$179.99 - $193.99
You save up to $21.00 (10%)
HJC IS-MAX Bluetooth-Ready Modular Helmet Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology Aerodynamic shell with large eyeport for greater v...
EXO-500 Helmet
$199.95 - $209.95
Scorpion EXO-500 Solid Helmet The new EXO-500 helmet is a wonder of modern engineering. It combines excellent features and comfort all with a very affordable price tag. Aerodynamic and aggressively sh...
S2 Helmet
$699.00 - $729.00
$599.00 - $639.00
You save up to $90.00 (12%)
Schuberth S2 Helmet Upgrades to the S2 from the Schuberth S1 include lighter, more compact, more aerodynamic, an improved sun visor with more coverage, more reflective materials, more convenient locat...
Neotec Modular Helmet
$648.99 - $662.99
$584.09 - $596.99
You save up to $66.00 (10%)
Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet With the popularity of sport and adventure touring at an all-time high, the advancement of the incredibly versatile modular helmet segment was a must for SHOEI engineers. T...
CL-17 Redline Helmet
$149.99 - $154.99
$134.99 - $139.99
You save up to $15.00 (10%)
HJC CL-17 Redline HelmetAdvanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell: Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology Aerodynamic shell shape reduces turbulence Impact absorbing, multi-d...
Icon Airmada Bioskull Helmet 10 years of pushing the envelope, of going above and beyond. A decade of creating technologically advanced products designed by and for the needs of the street rider: you....
Icon Airmada Sensory Helmet Here's Looking at You, Kid.  Jeepers creepers, check these peepers. Glow-in-the-dark eyes stare off even at night. Where two is swell, twenty is better. All the better to s...
C3 Pro Helmet
$769.00 - $799.00
Schuberth C3 Pro HelmetFiberglass and Dyneema reinforced sandwich construction for the perfect combination of rigidity, lightness and impact resistance Lightweight: from 1700g (small helmet shell) Opt...
Closeout 10% off
Speed and Strength
SS1500 Killer Queen Helmet
You save $20.00 (10%)
Speed and Strength SS1500 Killer Queen Helmet "A.T.P.A.™" Advanced Thermo-Poly Alloy Shell Meets or Exceeds DOT and ECE 22-05 standards "Cool-Core®" Removable, Washable and Moisture Wicking Liner "Ai...
Women's FX-90 Passion Helmet
You save $7.96 (9%)
AFX Women's FX-90 Passion Helmet An aerodynamic shell design constructed using fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) A helmet liner and cheek pads made with a hypoallergenic and anti-microbial nylon,...

Shop All Cruiser Helmets Featured Cruiser Helmets

Bell Rogue HelmetPurpose built to guard against the elements, the new Rogue has the look of a half helmet with the comfort of a 3 quarter. Featuring an adjustable and removable muzzle, the Rogue offer...
Bell Custom 500 Helmet Throwbacks and retro lids are nice, but nothing beats an original. Back in 1954 Bell founder Roy Richter formed his first helmet out of fiberglass and named it the "500." That m...
Speed and Strength
SS600 Speed Shop Helmet
You save $9.96 (10%)
Speed and Strength SS600 Speed Shop Helmet"A.B.S." Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Shell Meets or exceeds DOT standards Custom quilted comfort lining "Airstrike™" direct course ventilation system Doub...
Fly Racing
9MM Helmet
You save $5.96 (10%)
Fly Racing 9MM HelmetD.O.T. approved thermoplastic poly alloy shell Dual density EPS liner Removable, washable Coolmax® comfort liner Traditional German WWII helmet styling
RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet
$273.99 - $324.99
$246.59 - $292.49
You save up to $32.50 (10%)
Shoei RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet The RJ Platinum-R from Shoei is the next-generation open face helmet, sportinga smooth, streamlined new look and an overhaul of the original RJ features that make ...
Skid Lid
Original Solid Helmet
$44.95 - $54.95
$34.99 - $49.99
You save up to $4.96 (9%)
Skid Lid Original Solid Helmet Most rambling riders already have a thick skull to a certain degree, but Johnny Law insists it's not thick enough. Classically free, the SKID LID original motorcycle he...
IS-33 Helmet
$139.99 - $149.99
$125.99 - $134.99
You save up to $15.00 (10%)
HJC IS-33 HelmetAdvanced Polycarbonate Composite ShellLightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technologyAerodynamic shell with large eyeport for greater visibilityImpact absorbing, mu...
OF569 Helmet
You save $30.00 (23%)
LS2OF569 Helmet The LS2 OF569 open face motorcycle helmet is one of the most popular in our line up.  When it's hot outside, it's awesome to be able to lift the shield and get some air when you're sto...

Shop All Dirt Helmets Featured Dirt Bike Helmets

VFX-W Solid Helmet
$463.99 - $476.99
$417.59 - $429.29
You save up to $47.70 (10%)
Shoei VFX-W Solid Helmet Shoei's extensive experience in off-road helmet design and manufacturing has led to the creation of a new standard in off-road helmets, the VFX-W. The aggressive shell design ...
Fox Racing V1 Matte Helmet Featuring stealth matte black finish with silver Fox logos, Matte V1 works with any kit in the line-up. Design and Function: Setting a new standard for value, comfort and p...
Fly Racing
Trekker DS Helmet
You save $13.96 (10%)
Fly Racing Trekker DS HelmetIf your idea of motorcycle adventure riding includes the road less traveled, then the Fly Racing Trekker Helmet is the perfect companion. The crossover design of the Trekke...
Answer Racing
Evolve 2.0 AR15 Helmet
You save $16.96 (10%)
Answer Racing Evolve 2 AR15 Helmet Aggressive shell design features multiple oversized front and rear vent ports, allowing more air to circulate around the rider's head for heat management and additi...
GM11D DS Multi Helmet
You save $12.96 (10%)
GMax GM11D DS Multi Helmet D.O.T. approved, lightweight thermo-plastic poly alloy shell Helmet can be quickly converted from a visor configuration to a visor-less configuration Helmet includes clear ...
Fly Racing
F2 Carbon Fastback Helmet
You save $31.96 (10%)
Fly Racing F2 Carbon Fastback Helmet The F2 Carbon combines a unique style and identity with race-inspired, lightweight helmet technology achieved through advanced Carbon/Kevlar construction. SNELL M...
FX-17 Helmet
$84.95 - $89.95
$76.99 - $79.99
You save up to $9.96 (11%)
AFX FX-17 Helmet An aerodynamic shell design constructed using an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy All helmet liners and cheek pads are made with a hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial nylon, wh...
VFX-W Reputation Helmet
You save $61.00 (10%)
Shoei VFX-W Reputation Helmet With so many helmet options available to the motocross and off-road riding and racing communities, SHOEI takes great pride in the fact that more top riders prefer the gro...

Basic Intro to Motorcycle Helmets

Basic Intro to Motorcycle Helmets

Don't know where to start with motorcycle helmets? Check out this helmet tutorial to see the different styles and some of the important characteristics of each. Whether it's a street bike helmet, cruiser skully, off-road brain bucket or touring lid, there's a huge selection of safety equipment designed to protect the most important part of a rider's body.

Helmet Buying Tips

Motorcycle Superstore is committed to giving you, the rider, the best selection of motorcycle helmets available. Here you’ll find a wide variety of helmets from brands you know and trust like Aria, Shoei, Bell, Scorpion, HJC, Icon, Fox Racing and more. On a budget? No worries! Many manufacturers make motorcycle helmets that offer the same great features and protection as high end models without the hefty price tag. Whether you’re a sport bike racer, highway cruiser, or off road weekend warrior, we have the perfect helmet for you. No matter if you ride on or off road, the importance of having a well-fitting and protective helmet is well known. However, what is not always common knowledge is how to find the right helmet for your type of riding. Below is a quick rundown on which helmets are designed for what.

Full Face Helmets - For riders who want the best all-around protection, full face motorcycle helmets are the way to go. A wrap around shell with full face protection keeps all areas on your head covered and safe. Most of these helmets have a flip down shield that can protect against the wind, debris and even the sun’s harmful rays. If you ride a street bike, sport bike or want you simply more protection, full-face helmets are the go-to helmets for you.

Modular Helmets - If you’re looking for versatility, a flip up helmet is the perfect lid for you. Geared towards the Dual Sport/Adventure rider, these helmets are a great for the touring rider who wants the best of both worlds. How much helmet and coverage you have is all up to you; simply flip up the chin bar and visor with ease to create the best experience for your ride.

Half Helmets/Open Face Helmets - If you crave the feeling of wind in your face as you cruise down the highway, then half and open faced helmets are perfect for you. Whether you rider a Harley, metric cruiser, scooter or somewhere in between, you can't go wrong with one of these bad boys. Half helmets are designed to give you the most protection without obstructing your ride. From the classic biker helmet, to the modern and sleek scooter helmet, we’ve got you covered.

Off Road/Motocross Helmets - For those who like to get dirty out on the track or up in the mountains, dirt bike and ATV helmets are just for you. Designed to take a beating, these helmets can protect you against all the unknown elements you may encounter on the trail. So if you’re gearing up for an epic ride in the sand or woods, gear up with a motocross helmet.

One of the most forgotten aspects of choosing a helmet is finding the right fit. Not all heads are the same, and helmet manufactures take that into account. As a rule of thumb, the higher you go up in price, the narrower and more oval shape the shell is going be. Having a tight and correct fit can make all the difference and is extremely important when choosing a motorcycle helmet. So before you even think about setting out for your next ride, make sure you have a safe, protective and properly fitting motorcycle helmet on.

Want more? Check out our complete motorcycle helmet buyer's guide.

Latest Reviews - Motorcycle Helmets

Adam (Michigan City)

Cost Benefit

Nice and light

This large feels good in the cheeks but seems to sit to low on the brow. The visor controls work well but make quite a bit of noise compared to the right side of the helmet. I may rig up a spoiler to block the wind and reduce the noise. It's quite light and the peripheral vision is okay. The helmet flows a good amount of air when you want it to and is good about blocking it with the vents shut. I have stayed comfortable down to 45*F so far and don't foresee a problem around freezing temps.

Chris R (Chicago)

Air flow
Cost Benefit

Scorpion Heritage - Yellow

Motorcycle Superstore sent this to me overnight! Someone over there must love me. Ordered on a Monday and received in my front door by Tuesday afternoon. Thanks so much guys! The helmet was exactly what I thought it would be! Went with a Large and it was a perfect fit. The paint job is amazing. The clear visor, the dark tint that drops down, the vents, it is my perfect, go-to and all around helmet!

GK (Aliso Viejo)

Air flow
Cost Benefit

Shark Helmet

This is my first Shark product and the quality is good for the price. The helmet is quiet up to 70mph, only issue is goggles try to lift when looking back at speed for overtake. Off the bike putting helmet on is bit of a pain with wearing glasses as the goggles/mask have to be lifted onto the helmet front. Chin strap system works well.

Mike (Las Vegas)

Air flow
Cost Benefit

Noisiest helmet ever made

The wind noise while wearing this helmet is almost unbearable. It is so loud that while riding my sport bike with a loud aftermarket exhaust, you cannot hear the engine while moving. Also the face shield does not have detents in its movement, so you can not run with it part way open. If you try, at about forty mph it will suddenly slam shut. It also runs small.

jn (pnw)

Air flow
Cost Benefit

good cost benifit, good looking

Fit is good. First few times I wore it it was too snug, especially in the check pads but like most helmets it loosened up. I have an XL round head if that matters. General road noise is good as is weight. The chin strap is easy to use and adjust. Color is great! There is more 'gusty' wind noise than my old Bell Helmet and it sits a little higher on the back of my neck than my old helmet. Airflow could be better- it is minimal and difficult to open and close vents with one hand.

Rich (Boise)

Air flow
Cost Benefit

Great buy and cool look

I have used it in all temps and conditions. My only complaint is the lack of airflow control. Its a great helmet in the heat with plenty of airflow but in the winter I have to switch to a more insulated helmet. Very minor issue. Fits great, very comfortable at any speed. The drop down inner visor is plenty adequate if you don't have sunglasses. Did very well in HEAVY rain, great visibility and head stayed dry. Excellent purchase for the money and it just looks cool!

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