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Explorer Special Seat
$383.00 - $471.00
  • Black
Saddlemen Explorer Special SeatThe "special" in this Saddlemen seat is the contoured bucket for maximum comfort. This seat provides you with the seat and back support you will appreciate, and is th...
Saddlemen Highwayman Tattoo SaddlebagsHighwayman Tattoo Slant Saddlebags offer high performance and high quality at a competitive low price. Removable and adjustable yoke with zip-off quick disconn...
Profiler Seat
$306.00 - $328.00
  • Black
Saddlemen Profiler Seat There's no need to sacrifice on style when choosing a more comfortable seat. Riders consistently choose Saddlemen seats for their exceptional comfort. The Profiler Seat deli...
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Seat Cover
$23.99 - $42.00
You save up to $14.96 (38%)
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Red
Closeout up to 38% off
Saddlemen Seat Cover Complete new seat cover ready for installation on the original factory seat base. Each duplicates the original seat, but at a small fraction of the cost of an OEM replacemen...
Saddlemen BR3400EX Combination Bag SaddleStow BR3400EX Dresser Back Seat or Sissy Bar Bag. Leather-look marine-grade vinyl version. Great versatility - can either be used as a sissybar bag, or a...
Saddlemen One Piece Tech Solo Seat The best looking, most unique custom seat you can buy, with lines and materials designed to match specific bikes Performance oriented- the seats match the charac...
Saddlemen Pillow Top SaddleGel Seat Pad Button tufted, comfortable, strap-on gel seat pad looks perfect on top of most cruisers Features an extra soft layer of pillow foam on top of Saddlemen's ...
Saddlemen R1300LXE Delux Roll Bag This is the perfect bag when you're looking for that quick add on for more storage.  Easily added and removed with the use of bungee cords or tie straps.  This bag...
Saddlemen TS3200 Deluxe Sport Tailbag Universal, quick-detach mounting system quickly secures bag to frame, passenger pegs, etc.; tunnel straddles most racks and back seats for easy on/off mounti...
Saddlemen BR3400 Sissy Bar Bag Two mounting systems included in Saddlemen's Versa-Mount under-seat yoke and harness or an adjustable sissy bar strap system that easily attaches bag to your motorc...
Saddlemen Highwayman Slant Saddlebags Highwayman Slant-Style Saddlebags. Offers high quality at a competitive, low price. Adjustable yoke construction helps produce the perfect fit on most popul...
Saddlemen Pet Voyager The best way to carry your small pet on your motorcycle in comfort, plus this carrier doubles as an effective cargo bag. Multiple vents and access flaps let you vent fresh ai...
Saddlemen TR3300DE Deluxe Rack Bag Versatile mounting system fits virtually all trunk-mounted or stand-alone racks Universal strap mounting system designed for easy attachment to trunk or separ...
Saddlemen BR4100 Dresser Back Seat Bag Fully rigid; can be leaned against, even when empty 2 tie down straps Full size top opening for easy packing Top carry handle and backpack straps for e...
Saddlemen R850 Roll Bag With its versatile mounting system, the Saddlemen R850 Roll Bag can be installed on almost any luggage rack, back seat or sissy bar. In addition, the R850 clips onto most Sa...
Saddlemen HC1700 Hard Case Trunks Saddlemen's Hard Case Trunks offer great looks, convenience and security for any bike. Holds one full face helmet and other needed gear 28 liter / 1700 cubic...
Saddlemen HC2900 Hard Case Trunks Saddlemen's Hard Case Trunks offer great looks, convenience and security for any bike. Holds two full face helmets and other needed gear 48 liter / 2900 cubi...
Saddlemen TS1620S Tunnel/Tail Bag Designed for every type of riding and every style of bike, our tunnel bags will fit everything from sport bikes to cruisers and everything in between. The aerod...
Saddlemen Desperado Tail Bag Sleek-styled tail bag featuring straps, studs and large chromed buckles Lockable, quick-release buckles hidden below large chrome buckles Made of rugged leather-grain,...

Latest Reviews

Kia (Dothan )

Cost Benefit

Great bag

Great bag in texture and compartments. Although it didn't fit my backseat properly. It kept sliding side to side, but I didn't have any fear that it would fall off. Waterproof bag worked excellent ran into a major rain show on the way home. I was soaked but at least the bag was dry as the desert.

Ross (Williston )


Very Nice Bag

This is a very nice bag with many well-thought out features. It is well constructed and will last a very long times. The built-in rain cover is excellent and mounting couldn't be simpler. With careful packing it hold more than you think it would and looks very stylish on the bike. I originally thought I would only use it for long trips, but it looks and works so well and it is on my bike full-time. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and features of the bag for the very modest price. I would definitely recommend this bag!

John (Atl )


will not hold.

The product is great but will not hold to lid, falls off. Tried many things even glue, but will not work with product. Sad.

Barb (Prescott Valley )


Great luggage!

Overall a great piece of luggage, and I'd highly recommend it. It is difficult ( but not impossible) to slip over the quick-detach backrest on my Street glide. I wish the interior space was about 3 inches wider. We used it for a three week trip to the Black Hills from Arizona, and it held our leather and rain gear. Worked like a charm, and looked great doing it.

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