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SBS Street Ceramic Brakes
SBS Street Ceramic Brakes Designed for flawless performance on all street bikes Not factory-equipped with sintered metal pads Provide strong stopping power no matter what the conditions Street Cera...
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SBS Streetexcel Sintered Metal Pads
Streetexcel Sintered Metal Pads
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SBS Streetexcel Sintered Metal Pads The best in sintered replacement pads for high-performance front and rear street applications Use advanced sintering process technology; perfect for sport riding...
SBS StreetExcel Sintered Metal Brake Pads
SBS Street Excel Sintered Metal Brake Pads SBS feature asbestos-free brakes using patented Unified Composite Technology (UCT) UCT technology completely blends all brake pad materials into a balance...

Latest Reviews

Joe (Rockledge )


Finally, quiet brakes!

I haven't had a chance to give it a real long distance trial yet, but did have the opportunity to put about 100 miles on the bike since I installed these pads. They have been 100% effective to date. No more annoying, loud brake squeal! Thanks!