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SBS Street Ceramic Brakes
SBS Street Ceramic Brakes Designed for flawless performance on all street bikes Not factory-equipped with sintered metal pads Provide strong stopping power no matter what the conditions Street Cera...
SBS Brake Pad Shims
SBS Brake Pad Shims Give better brake feel, help protect brake pistons and reduce vibration and noise Rubber-fiberglass shims are self-adhesive and fit any brake pad Four shims per package
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SBS Streetexcel Sintered Metal Pads
Streetexcel Sintered Metal Pads
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SBS Streetexcel Sintered Metal Pads The best in sintered replacement pads for high-performance front and rear street applications Use advanced sintering process technology; perfect for sport riding...
SBS Off-Road Ceramic Front Brake Pads
SBS Off-Road Ceramic Front Brake Pads Designed to preform flawlessly on off-road bikes not factory equipped with sintered metal pads High Friction (HF) compound delivers ultimate stopping power in...
SBS StreetExcel Sintered Metal Brake Pads
SBS Street Excel Sintered Metal Brake Pads SBS feature asbestos-free brakes using patented Unified Composite Technology (UCT) UCT technology completely blends all brake pad materials into a balance...

Latest Reviews

Joe (Rockledge )


Finally, quiet brakes!

I haven't had a chance to give it a real long distance trial yet, but did have the opportunity to put about 100 miles on the bike since I installed these pads. They have been 100% effective to date. No more annoying, loud brake squeal! Thanks!