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Helix Motorcycle

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Helix Premium High Pressure Fuel Lines
Helix Premium High Pressure Fuel Lines Premium transparent polyurethane tubing Provides superior abrasion, kink, tear, and oxidation resistance Includes a strong, yet flexible nylon inner band Oper...
Helix 5-In-1 Fuel Treatment
Helix Racing 5-In-1 Fuel Treatment Eliminates water from fuel systems Works with 2- and 4-stroke engines Revitalizes old gas Boosts octane by up to two points Stabilizes fuel for up to two years C...
Helix Swivel Exaust Springs
Helix Swivel Exaust Springs Replace your old worn exhaust springs with Helix swivel exhaust springs. Stainless steel swivel Heavy duty stainless steel Swivel hook *Note: KTM 65SX 1998-20...
Helix Exhaust Wrap
Helix Racing Exhaust Wrap Fiberglass tape insulates exhaust pipes and maintains higher temperature inside the pipes allowing all fuel to burn and create greater horsepower. Sold in 50' roll
Helix 6" Magnetic Tray
Helix 6" Magnetic Tray Magnetic parts tray 6" diameter, Stainless Steel Bowl keeps all your pieces, bolts and nuts in one place while you wrench
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