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Fi2000R Fuel Processor
$215.95 - $279.95
You save up to $19.00 (8%)
  • Black/Grey
Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Processor Nearly every fuel-injected motorcycle and ATV can benefit with the installation of the Fi2000R from Cobra USA This small, fool-proof device makes fuel-injected motorcy...

Latest Reviews

Eric (Russell )


Nice Fi unit

I put my Cobra Fi2000r on a 2006 Yamaha Warrior 1700, I bought it and it had some drag pipes on it no baffles talk about loud and it had deceleration popping like no other. I got rid of the AIS system put baffles in,K&N air filters, new plugs, and it still popped and didn't accelerate right I pondered Fuel injection units a while because I have had good experience with Power Commanders but thought why not and bought this Cobra unit. After some adjustments and tinkering with its settings for my setup my bike now pulls like a freight train clear to top speed almost and the deceleration popping is a thing of the past. I highly recommend this unit and the best part is you don't need a tablet or laptop to adjust it :) ! Just a small screwdriver. Its small and will fit just about anywhere and hooks up in minutes. Its a great tool for dialing in your bike after intake/exhaust mods.

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