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Matrix Concepts Dirt Bike Fuel Cans

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Matrix Concepts MZ1 Industrial Can
Matrix Concepts
MZ1 Industrial Can
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Matrix Concepts MZ1 Industrial Can For use in industrial construction and motorsports industries for transportation storage and proper disposal of liquids such as antifreeze, engine oil, gear oils,...

Latest Reviews

Jack Stebbins (Clarksville )


Fuel Can

We LOVE this can. Made with very heavy plastic, has extremely nice parts, hose, fittings and vent. I purchased THREE of these... This is the ONLY can I will own from now on as long as they are still making them.. NO leaks, nice vent, Quality hose with hose cap and cap snaps on hose for fueling time has a chain on the cap so you won't loose it.. I just can't say enough about this well designed high quality product.