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    2009 Suzuki Gladius Parts

    2009 Suzuki Gladius
    Tire Size:
    Front: 120/70-17, Rear: 160/60-17
    Stock Chain/Belt:
    Stock Gearing:
    Front: 15T, Rear: 46T
    Oil Filter:
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    Bret (Houston, TX)


    One size fits none, but almost all

    Typical 2-3" long cable for a standard model XS650. Have ordered front brakes hoses that were long also. I suspect one size is made that would also fit XS650 Specials with taller bars. Afraid ferrule is causing increased wear on looped longer cable. Feel lucky to find something that will work on a 38 year old bike, but am looking for a genuine Yamaha cable. Don't trust it.

    randall (gainesville,ga., GA)


    custom flashing brake helper

    The light is too small and too expensive to ever buy again. You can buy bigger and brighter at a local autostore. I blew $20.00!

    Fernando (addison, IL)

    Cost Benefit

    Great Battery / BRING DOWN THE COSTS!

    After using a $30 knock-off battery from China (installed by original owner of bike) for a few weeks I realized I had to do something about it quick since it would take about 5 seconds for the bike to actually crank over. Replaced with this bad boy and everything has worked like a charm since. Of course, I am a firm believer in that a battery of this size should not cost the same as a normal car battery but that's a different story.

    Chris (toronto, ON)


    Rotor arrived but was warped

    I got my order of front and rear brake pads included with this rotor. I found out the rotor was really warped after installing it. After spending a few days talking about the rotor I got warranty. The sad part is I had to wait 5 weeks for everything. It took almost 1.5 months to have my bike back on the road. In the end it cost me more in additional parts from getting the red loc-tight bolts out of the rotor to purchasing a total of 6 bolts instead of the 3 I needed.

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