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Cruiser Motorcycle Clamps/Hangers

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Stainless T-Bolt Clamps
$8.46 - $12.79
You save up to $2.16 (14%)
  • Silver
Cobra Stainless T-Bolt Clamps Keep it together with the best clamps in the business Stainless steel construction resists rust and heat Sold each Made in the U.S.A.
Universal Heavy-Duty Exhaust Clamps
$18.00 - $20.84
You save up to $3.11 (12%)
  • Body Clamp
  • End Clamp
  • Center Clamp
Samson Universal Heavy-Duty Exhaust Clamps Heavy-gauge flat steel clamps attach exhaust pipes to any frame-mounted bracket Include nuts and bolts; available in chrome Sold each Made in the ...
Cycle Shack
Muffler Support
$31.96 - $36.76
You save up to $9.19 (20%)
  • Chrome
  • Black
Cycle Shack Muffler Support Drag specialties muffler support brackets work great when you are installing aftermarket exhausts, refurbishing an old Harley Davidson, or in custom chopper applicatio...

Latest Reviews

Michael (Lake Munmorah )

Cost Benefit

Vance & Hines fitment on 2007 Suzuki C50 Boulevard Warning!

I just fitted the Vance & Hines Slash staggered to my Boulevard C50 and found that there is discrepancies between the header flanges to the rear fastening plate by as much as 5mm gap after tightening the headers to the engine exhaust ports now this may not sound serious but the fact is that if you were to tighten the rear exhaust plate to the bikes main exhaust mounting, you will certainly put stress on the engine header and pipes full time. To avoid this problem you will need to 1. when fitting tightening the header flanges exhaust make sure they seat flat on engine ports first. 2. then check the rear plate gap between the exhaust plate and bikes mounting plate, if required pack the gap with washers then tighten plate bolts 3. Check Brake pedal lever clearance and move the footrest downward by releasing the bolts and placing a 2mm thick half washer on top of the bolts between the frame and footrest plate bolts to clear the front pipe shield and then you are set to go, well almost 4. Your Heat Oxygen sensor must be put back on the rear cylinder pipe #1 if you don't want to cut or disable pin 23, It is best to leave your ECU alone, Enjoy!!

Dan (Kelso )


Good Fit And Finish

I have a 2011 FLHTK. The headers look great on the bike. They are quite a bit louder than stock, when you get on the gas. I didn't think the install was as difficult as some of the reviews state. Although, the pictures could be better. Make sure to read all instructions first.

Jerry (Roswell )


Best investment!

I purchased these for my 2009 Street Bob. They took a couple days to ship out, but actually arrived a day early because of UPS. They went right on and the bike runs great and sounds great. Did not have to buy a fuel management system like most dealers will tell you that you must buy or the bike will run lean. The best investment I have made for my bike.

Rex (Frankfort )


Bassani Firepower mufflers are great

The quality of build is equal to the HD factory parts. I did however need to use the factory attachment screws as the new ones didn't work. The sound is very powerful. Sounds like the bigger motored HD bikes now. It is very different from stock even at idle. The power increase...is unmistakeable. These pipes add about 10% more HP and Torque over stock according to a dyno test I read online. I think that might be conservative. My bike is stock otherwise.

Johnny (Eatonton )


Nice Addition

Great fit, sound and appearance. I didn't want something so loud it would be an annoyance to the neighbors, but wanted it to sound like a Harley. I had them installed in lest than 15 minutes and it was a nice addition in sound to my 2014 Ultra Limited. I like them a lot.

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