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Acerbis Street Bike & Sportbike Hand Controls

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Acerbis Dual Road Handguards
Dual Road Handguards
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  • Black
Acerbis Dual Road Handguards Unique, flowing design cuts down on wind resistance and provides coverage from roost and branches Constructed of nylon and polycarbonate with a removable wind protecto...

Latest Reviews

Austin (Midlothian )


Hand Guards

These hand guards are well made and the installation is fairly easy once you decipher the instructions. Not bad overall. I installed these on an FZ1, mostly to help block cold air. They look alright and blend in with my black bike. The fit is good, but on full lock, they contact my Zero Gravity Touring windshield. I do not know if they would do the same with the stock screen. This is basically a non issue as it only happens when I lock the handle bars when parked.