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Schuberth Street Bike Helmet Accessories for Men

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Schuberth Faceshield
  • Dark Smoke
Schuberth Faceshield Replacement faceshield for the Schuberth C3, C3W and C3 Pro Helmet as well as the Schuberth S2 Helmet. Available in two shield sizes to fit your specific helmet size. **Note: P...
Schuberth SR1 Helmet Faceshield
Schuberth SR1 Helmet Faceshield Anti-fog/anti-scratch coating reduces the fogging tendency and prevents the visor from being scratched on the outside **Note:  Schuberth - products can only be shi...

Latest Reviews

Albert (Marco Island )


Top Quality Shield for Top Quality Helmet

I have a Blue and an Iridium face shield for my Schuberth SR1s. They're a bit dark for twilight use, but great for sunny days. Like all plastic shields, they need to be cleaned carefully with water and microfiber cloth only-no soap needed. The locking feature is great for 100+MPH speeds on the track! Downside is that the shields are unconscionably expensive, but I suppose you have to pay if you want to play.