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G2 Ergonomics Tamer Throttle Tube
G2 Ergonomics
Tamer Throttle Tube
$69.92 - $79.99
You save up to $10.03 (13%)
  • Silver
G2 Ergonomics Tamer Throttle Tube Smooths out the abrupt initial power delivery that can accompany some EFI Includes machined 6061 billet aluminum throttle tube with a knurled surface and a 400 cam

Latest Reviews

Chuck (Phoenix )


Throttle Tamer 2015 FZ-09

I bought this based on a Cycle World review for a 2014 FZ-09. While the 2015 model has better mapping, ECU power mode "A" is still harsh in OFF/ON throttle transitions. I thought I would try the Throttle Tamer. The quality of the product is top notch. Nice machine work on the aluminum throttle tube and it has nylon inserts at the touch points. Fit and finish is perfect. But... It didn't really fix the harshness in A mode. $80 would be better spent on an ECU remap.