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    2004 Yamaha WR250F Cooling System

    2004 Yamaha WR250F
    Tire Size:
    Front: 80/100-21, Rear: 100/100-18
    Spark Plug:
    Stock Chain/Belt:
    Stock Gearing:
    Front: 13T, Rear: 52T
    Oil Filter:
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    Myler's Super Cool Radiator Myler's Super Cool Radiators are Considerably improved from stock radiators, Offering superior cooling and added strength. Features: SuperCool radiators offer superior c
    Power-Flo Radiator
    You save $28.90 (10%)
    Fluidyne Power-Flo Radiator Power-Flo Radiators ensure modified motors maintain peak horsepower by increasing the efficiency of the cooling system Radiators cores are thicker then stock, providing in
    Hot Rods
    Water Pump Rebuild Kit
    You save $2.99 (15%)
    Hot Rods Water Pump Rebuild KitKit includes water pump cover gasket or o-ring, water pump shaft bearing(s) and seal(s) to repair a leaking water pump seam and/or a failed bearing Precision micro beari
    Myler's Silicone Hose Kit Myler's Silicone Hose Kits are tougher than your stock hoses and all other Silicone hose kits out there  They are 5 m.m. thick with 4 polyester reinforcement linings  They w
    Myler's High Pressure Radiator Caps High pressure radiator caps will help with recurring boil over problems  Raises the boiling point 25+ degrees  Comes with an attachment chain that connects to your
    Water Pump Impeller
    You save $6.96 (9%)
    Boyesen Water Pump ImpellerDesigned by Boyesen Engineering to increase water flow and reduce hydraulic friction for a cooler, more constant temperature Less horsepower loss during the late stages of

    Latest Reviews

    Geeb (Reading , PA)

    Cost Benefit


    Nice fit and finish but not tested yet due to Pa winter. Was disappointed it wasn't a complete kit. For the price I expected the seals and gaskets needed to install it. Next time I'll read the fine print.

    Marcus F (Campbell River, BC)



    Once again Motorcycle Superstore pulled through north of the border. They had my parts to me in less than a week. My old hose melted and I put on these sharp looking and better made hoses by factory effex. Awesome product. Easy to install and looks great. You can tell it is just better quality than stock.

    Ted (Castle Rock, CO)


    Factory Effex Y Engine Hose Kit

    I trail ride a 2009 Honda CRF450R in the mountains of Colorado. Prior to installing the FX hose kit, slow technical trail riding would result in over-heating into my make shift radiator over flow reservoir. I tried Engine Ice Antifreeze and a 1.6 radiator cap but would still over heat when riding slow. With the new hoses installed, I've replaced the 1.6 cap back to the stock 1.1 radiator cap. No over heating after two outings. I am very pleased with the functionality, as well as appearance.

    Dan CRF 450R (St. Louis, MO)

    Cost Benefit

    Fixed it quickly and correctly

    I noticed coolant leaking from the weep hole on my CRF 450R and ordered this water pump repair kit. I split clutch case, pulled the pump, replaced the bushings and had it back together in under an hour... Very quick and easy to do! Worked like a charm! You do need a press or vice to remove the pump bearings if you are going to replace all bushings. The bushing behind the bearings was fine on mine, so I didn't have to mess with it. Great product and you cannot beat the price!

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