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1989 Suzuki RMX250 Exhaust

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Gold Series Fatty Pipe
You save $24.96 (10%)
FMF GOLD SERIES Fatty Pipe The staple of FMF's two stroke line, the Gold Series Fatty Pipe broadens power across the whole RPM range. Suited for both motocross and woods riding, the Fatty gives a heal
Two Brothers Racing
Muffler Repack Kit
You save $2.96 (13%)
Two Brothers Racing Muffler Repack KitKit is for all Two Brothers Racing mufflers Includes rivets (x16), #30 drill bit and mat of repacking material Sizing Information: 17.5" Wide 30" Long .5" Thick
Moose Racing
Exhaust Plug
$5.95 - $6.95
Moose Racing Exhaust Plug Keep your exhaust system clean from mud and water while you wash your bike Comes with lanyard for easy removal Available in two size: small for 2-strokes and large for 4-str
Accel High-Temperature Exhaust Wrap Kit Wraps will increase power and reduce radiated exhaust heat Kits include 25ft. 2-in. wide top quality high-temperature wrap and four stainless steel ti
Moose Racing
Heat Shield
$9.95 - $27.95
Moose Racing Heat Shield Aluminized heat barrier with adhesive backing Foil-coated ceramic cloth adheres to body panels to protect plastic or fiberglass from engine or exhaust heat Available in 2
Helix Swivel Exaust Springs Replace your old worn exhaust springs with Helix swivel exhaust springs. Stainless steel swivel Heavy duty stainless steel Swivel hook *Note: KTM 65SX 1998-2009
Rubber Muffler Plugs
$4.65 - $5.75
$4.19 - $5.18
You save up to $0.57 (10%)
Bikemaster Rubber Muffler Plugs Protects the exhaust system from water during pressure washing, keeps humidity from entering pipe as it cools down or prevents condensation inside the pipe during stor
Moose Racing Fiberglass Muffler Packing Repack blown out silencer for quieter operation and restore lost power Long filament fiberglass made especially for muffler packing Measures 11" x 16", mor
Moose Racing
Exhaust Wrap
$69.95 - $75.95
Moose Racing Exhaust Wrap Ceramic cloth wrap available in black and tan Stable at temperatures up to 2000° Insulates exhaust header pipes to protect you or your machine from intense h
Moose Racing Competition Muffler Packing The best low weight - high quality packing on the market 25% lighter than stock packing Quieter and longer lasting than fiberglass packing Sold in a 250
Universal Bolt-On Steel Silencer
You save $5.96 (9%)
DG Universal Bolt-On Steel Silencer Suitable for older motorcycles and custom applications 1" fits most 100/125cc bikes, 11/8" fits most 250cc bikes and 11/4" fits most larger bikes Measurement
Moose Racing Exhaust Tape High-temperature Gore-Tex Teflon exhaust tape with adhesive Eliminates exhaust leaks between header pipe and cylinder head Package includes two strips of tape that are .
Moose Racing Exhaust Springs Stainless steel construction gives superior strength and appearance Swivel hook design eliminates binding, extending spring life Available for most late-model
Helix Racing Exhaust Wrap Fiberglass tape insulates exhaust pipes and maintains higher temperature inside the pipes allowing all fuel to burn and create greater horsepower. Sold in 50'
Heat Tiles
$7.50 - $50.45
$6.99 - $46.19
You save up to $4.26 (8%)
Maier Heat Tiles Maier is the leader in quality powersports plastics and now they are invested in helping you protect them with heat-proof aluminized fiberglass tiles. These Heat Tiles are designed

Latest Reviews

jeff (cedar rapids, IA)

Cost Benefit

FMF Power bomb header 2009 KLR 650

I ordered this when I got my Leo Vince pipe. I bought it mostly because it just plain looks cool and I was told it fit with my pipe perfectly. Install took all of 30 minutes and was simple. Really happy with the way it looks, think I will look into the heat shield before too long.

Tyler (Salt Lake City, UT)


Quiet Sparky Works Well

I mostly installed this to remove the edge of the PC4 sound and to have a spark arrestor. The sound is quieter but not by a large margin. The spark arrestor allows me to ride in places I would otherwise be unable.

Salvador (New York, NY)

Cost Benefit

100% worth the money

Definitively a great muffler. Bought it with the FMF power bomb and gained some mid range and some considerable high power and it just sounds great. Of course, the increase was not huge but it gave me that "extra push" I was searching. The fit on my Yamaha WR250f 2013 was PERFECT. I don't know anything about mechanics and was able to install it in about 30 minutes.

Rick (Parma, MI)

Cost Benefit

Great addition to PW80

i bought this bike for my son and the previous owner had torn off the exhaust stating it was restrictive. Probably true but this new pipe fit great and installed in minutes. Looks great and is quiet. I think it actually helped the bike thru the powerbands. Doesn't seem to bog and is quiet and sounds like a bike should. thanks. 80cc Dad

zack (North Central, MO)

Cost Benefit

FMF gold series fatty

I put this on my CR 250R to replace my stock pipe, it fit fine and only took like 15 minutes to put it on along with the power core silencer 2. Overall I'm happy with the product and the price wasnt too bad.

Stoo (Missoula, MT)


I wike it a wot.

Good stuff! It did quiet my bike down though. I recommend it to you and all your family members. Even crazy Uncle John. Your old header can be used to make a piccolo. That's about it. Gotta go ride!

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